Repute Digital Terms and Conditions

  1. General
    1. These Terms and Conditions (the Terms) govern your use of our services and the website located at and any smartphone application associated with that website (the website) and forms a binding contractual agreement between you, the user of our services and the website (you or your) and us, Repute Digital, the provider of the Repute Digital products services and the owner and operator of the website (Repute Digital, us, our or we).
    2. These Terms are important and you should ensure that you read them carefully. If you have any questions regarding the use of our services or the website, please contact us at
    3. By using our services and/or the website you acknowledge and agree that you have understood these Terms and you agree to be bound by them. If you do not agree to these Terms, please do not use our services or the website.
    4. Repute Digital is engaged by organisations to obtain online information about individuals. The information collected is compiled in a report (the report) and provided to the organisations for their own analysis and use (the services). These services are designed to provide further peace of mind for these organisations so they know more information about who they are engaging with when they for example apply for a loan, seek employment with the organisation or otherwise want to conduct business with the organisation. Conversely it provides the opportunity for individuals to leverage their online presence and reputation to obtain access to specific products, services and pricing.
    5. You acknowledge by using our services and the website that you and Repute Digital are independent contractors and no agency, partnership, joint venture, employee-employer or franchisee-franchisor relationship is created or intended by these Terms or by your use of the website or our services.
    6. Information on the website is general information only. Repute Digital and its owners, agents or employees do not accept and are by these Terms released by you of any liability to you arising (whether directly or indirectly) out of the information provided on the website or anyone else through the website or any errors in, or omissions from information on the website.
    7. Any commercial use of the website by you requires the prior written approval of Repute Digital.
    8. These Terms must be read in conjunction with any other notices, disclaimers and policies displayed elsewhere on the website or provided by us to you from time to time.
    9. Repute Digital reserves the right to change these Terms, the website or content contained with the website at any time with or without any notice to you or giving any explanation for such change.
    10. Repute Digital does not provide any professional advice and gives no warranty, guarantee or representation about the accuracy, reliability or timeliness or otherwise, of the information contained in any report provided to you as part of our services or on the website.
    11. By operating the website and providing the services Repute Digital does not assume a duty of care to users of the website or users of our services.
    12. You will at all times indemnify and keep indemnified Repute Digital and its respective officers, employees and agents (referred to as those indemnified) from and against any loss (including reasonable legal costs and expenses) or liability incurred by any of those indemnified arising from any claim, demand, suit, action or proceeding by any person against any of those indemnified where such loss or liability arose out of, in connection with or in respect of any breach of these Terms by you or the use of the website or use of our services or reports.
    13. The website may may contain links to other sites. We cannot control any information on these sites and are not responsible for any information contained on those sites or the privacy practices or terms of use of those sites.
    14. Any failure on our part to enforce any provision of these Terms is our right and shall not constitute a waiver of our right to enforce that or any other provision.
    15. Should any provision of these Terms be unlawful, void, or otherwise legally unenforceable, the rest of these Terms shall remain enforce as though the unenforceable provision had not been a part of these Terms.
    16. All personal information you provide to Repute Digital will be treated in accordance with our Privacy Policy.
  2. Users of our Services
    1. You acknowledge that Repute Digital provides the services which is primarily involved with collecting personal information, including sensitive personal information and providing that in report form for analysis by our clients/customers.
    2. Your further warrant to us that your use of any personal information of any individual provided to you as part of our services is for a proper purpose and is for the purpose for which you have notified to us which is for a legal and proper purpose.
    3. You acknowledge that all personal information provided to you on any individual as part of our services to you will be treated by you at all times in a lawful manner and in accordance with your privacy policy and that you indemnify us for any direct or indirect loss occurred by us for any breach of personal information provided by us to you.
    4. Our services are typically completed in real time and in accordance with our services agreement with our customers. That is from the time you engage our services and the time we provide you our report on any individual requested by you. If you provide incomplete or inaccurate information to us, you acknowledge our services may be delayed.
    5. You must pay for our services in accordance with the payment terms notified to you. All payments must be paid for at the time of engagement by credit card via our payment service providers or by bank transfer. You must fill out all relevant particulars listed on our website or any form we provide you in order to engage our services.
    6. You acknowledge that we can only provide you information that is consented by the individual applicant. We will be held responsible for any omissions as a result.
    7. You acknowledge that available information on any individual may be listed in error or be false or misleading and your therefore acknowledge that any information provided by us to you, including in any report or otherwise as part of our services to you, may be made in error or contain information that is false or misleading.
  3. Reports
    1. As part of our services to you we will provide you with an individual report on all individuals you request us to obtain personal information on. Each individual will also be assigned a Repute Digital ID.
    2. This report will provide a score for each individual in relation to a ‘Repute Digital Score’ and an index rating in relation to identity and online reputation.
    3. The report will be calculated based on data obtained as part of our services using our online data mining systems which may include the following information on an individual where it is made available:

      (a) Personal names;
      (b) Work history and events;
      (c) Personal preferences and profiling information;
      (d) Any references the individual may have made to, drugs, criminal activity or discriminatory matters;
      (e) Any online ratings or comments in relation to your behaviour and habits; and
      (f) Information received from other sources to provide our services to you.
    4. Once you have paid for the services in relation to any report provided to you, you are the owner of the report.
  4. Customer Support & Complaints Policy

    Repute Digital will attempt to resolve any customer complaints and answer any questions within 2 business days of the first contact made by a customer by email to:
  5. Governing Terms
    1. You agree that Terms, and any purchases made via the website, shall be governed solely by the laws applicable to New South Wales, Australia and those of Australia generally.
    2. For the avoidance of doubt, you agree to the jurisdiction of the courts of New South Wales determine any dispute arising out of these Terms, your use of the website or your purchases of our products.
  6. Disclaimer of Liabilities
    1. Repute Digital does not warrant, guarantee or make any representation that:
      a. the website is free of software viruses; and
      c. errors and defects in the website or our services to you will be corrected.
    2. Repute Digital is not liable to you for:
      a. errors or omissions in the website or in any report provided to you; and
      b. delays to, interruptions of or cessation of the website or our services.
    3. You agree to accept the full cost of any necessary repair, correction and maintenance of any of your computer software or hardware, which may be necessary as a consequence of you accessing the website.
    4. You agree to indemnify and hold harmless Repute Digital and all its related parties, associates and authorised representatives from all claims, demands, liabilities, losses, damages and expenses (including without limitation reasonable legal fees and expenses), arising from or in connection with the use of the website or our services.
  7. Intellectual Property
    1. The brand names, slogans, trademarks, service marks, designs, and logos used on the website, including without limitation the Repute Digital business name and logo, are the trademarks of Repute Digital.
    2. You further agree not to use any domain name, trademark, trade name, service mark, logo, or other materials confusingly similar to the trademarks without our prior written consent.
    3. All information and materials published, transmitted, or otherwise available on the website or through the provision of our services are protected by copyright or trademarked (as applicable), and owned or controlled by Repute Digital, its licensors, or affiliated companies.
    4. You shall abide by all copyright and trademark notices, limitations, and restrictions applicable to Repute Digital. Without limiting the foregoing, no content owned by us may be copied, reproduced, republished, reused, uploaded, downloaded, posted, or transmitted, other than through the website or the provision of our services in accordance with its intended use.
    5. The software, hardware, and other technologies which Repute Digital uses to deliver the services contain confidential and proprietary information, trade secrets, and other property rights belonging to Repute Digital and its licensors, and all rights to the Repute Digital technologies and all property rights related to its services shall remain exclusively with Repute Digital and its applicable licensors.
  8. Force Majeure

    You agree not to hold us liable for any disruption of our service or failure to deliver our services for any reason beyond our control, including, but not limited to, natural disasters, war, insurrection, terrorism, riots, criminal acts, labor shortages, labor strikes (both lawful and unlawful), postal service or courier service disruption, infrastructure disruption, communication failure, material shortages, or any other circumstance that may be beyond our control.
  9. Technical Difficulties

    If you experience technical difficulties in relation to this website, please email:
  10. Contacting Us

    Our contact details are:

    Repute Digital Pty Ltd
    Level 1 204 Clarence Street Sydney 200

    Phone 1800 954 666

These Terms are dated 9th August 2018

The material on the website is copyright © 2018 Repute Digital.